Moderated Mediation Article Database

The purpose of this database is to make examples of published scientific journal articles that use particular moderated mediation models easier to find. You can search by any of the dropdown menus at the top of the database, including the model number or number of variables included in the model. Articles included in this database are not an endorsement of the quality of the work, but rather included as potential examples of moderated mediation. The Model Number uses the PROCESS macro numbering system ( as a way to label where mediation and moderation happen in the model (i.e., Model Number 7 is a simple mediation model with moderation occurring on the path between the X variable and the mediator). Not all papers included use the PROCESS macro, but were classified by PROCESS model number based on the structure of their model if it matched a model in PROCESS.

Special thanks to QRClab research assistants Anjum Farook, Kat Lamarque-Navarrete, Valerie Polad, and Nickie Yang for coding the original articles in this database. This resource would not exist without your diligent work.